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Around Half The Population Owns a Broken Smartphone

Around Half The Population Owns a Broken Smartphone

There are about 40% of us that are walking around with a broken smartphone in our hands. Its inconceivable that with the cost of a smartphone costing upwards of £500 and the average person admitting that after 3 days of not having one we would be lost without it we will just leave it this way. 

Not only do we run the risk of further breakage or ingress of particles to the device and moisture entering the phone a damaged phone left  can in some cases suffer irreparable damage. 

Most of us think we will just leave the phone until our next upgrade or are of the belief that repair costs run into £100's of pounds for a repair. Whilst in some cases particulary on some high end android devices with OLED displays most of our repairs start from just £35. 

So how can a smartphone with just a cracked screen become irreparable then ? Simple,when a smartphone screen becomes cracked, it will of become weakened and then another drop or over time glass from the screen will drop out, and then the trouble will start. Your phone is now open to the elements and moisture or worse, WATER entering your phone where this will reap havoc with it. Fluid will flow where electricity ran freely and when this happens your phones motherboard or logic board can short out. Rust can form, Solder joints will be gone and if we can just end the myth now. A bag of rice will not solve or fix water damage or dry it out. Cumbria Tech have had phones in our workshops that have had the miraculous bag of rice repair, still encountered water within a phone and even after a good length of time. The rumours started by Uncle Ben are just that, MYTHS that a rice will solve water damage. Infact using rice can speed up what we dont want rust forming. The yeast within rice will increase the rusting process as will placing a device in an airing cupboard or putting it on top of your living room radiator. 

So my smartphone has been dropped in Water - What do you do ? 

 The worst possible thing is now in your phone the combination of fluid in whatever form and POWER. We have said the combination of these two elements your phone can short out and it will be beyond repair. What I would like you to do now is to power the phone off as fast as you can. If the phone screen has become unresponsive you will have to manually switch off by pressing the home and power buttons until you can see its off. Iphone 7 and later volume down and power button instead please. 

Try and get as much liquid out of the phone by holding this vertically to let the fluid run out of haeadphone jacks and charge ports. Towel dry it, remove the phone from its case as water can be lodged still in there. Please after an hour  DONT try and power it back on or charge it. Water and power remember? ? 

Now as we have said - NO HEAT as this will increase the rusting process on the soldered joints within the phone. RADIATORS HAIRDRYERS AND AIRING CUPBOARDS ARE A NO NO ON THIS ONE. If you have silica gel Great and a shoebox and store in a cool place. To help me increase the chances of a happy ending I will need to place the phone is a chemical bath to remove any rust or water residue from the logic board and to dry out the inside of the device too. 

We're living on the verge then of a cracktastophe? 

We appear to be blind to the fact that walking around with a damaged device, the internal workings of the phone are at risk of being damaged, We think well i can still call or text everything is fine ill just hang on for my next upgrade. In these times of pay freezes and domestic budgets been ever more increased. Why upgrade or pay more money to a carrier to get out of your current contract when for a fraction of the price a repair will be much more cost effective. 


by ifixit
Repair is better than recycling. making our things last longer it is both more cost effective and mkore efficient than mining for more raw materials. 
Repair saves you money, fixing things is often free and usually cheaper than replacing them
Repair Saves the planet. We the planet are running out of raw materials and eventually this will run out. The best way to be efficient is to reuse what we have already. 
The reason we have against repairs are they will cost too much or that repairing will void your manufacturers warranty. However as accidental damage is outside of the manufacturers warranty its just another one of those myths on having your device repaired isnt it ? 
When it comes to cost ? Cumbria Tech charge from £30 to £85 pounds for a typical iPhone repair and £65 for a process to rid your iphone of its water damage but almost a third of you (31%) think it would cost around £100 or more to fix a broken phone.
28% of us believe a phone repair takes around 7/10 days and we will factory reset your device. Not so, Our repairs take around an hour and carried out same day. We will not for data protection factory reset your device and your precious memories will still be there post repair. If you would like to take advantage of our cost effective speedy smartphone and tablet repairs. Why dont you book yourself in with us at
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