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Complaint Query Concern Cumbria Tech Repairs

Complaint Query Concern Cumbria Tech Repairs Complaint Query Concern Cumbria Tech Repairs

There isn't a company in the world that doesn't have complaints. Whilst we all strive to be the best all of the time there are occasions particularly in my world when this isn't achieveable.

Complaint Query Concern Cumbria Tech Repairs. Yes my Facebook page has 4.5 star rating, the more work we get the more things will go wrong I know that.

Being the open company we are we allow our customers to post their thoughts about how they find our services. Some of them we don't like some of them we love and whilst the negative reviews are hard to take we listen to them and act accordingly.

It's no secret, why should it be? I've produced my year end results over the last week and I've lost around 2000 pounds. Why? I try my hardest to alleviate some of these Complaint Query Concern Cumbria Tech Repairs have endured.

The iphone 5 that had been thrown against the wall and we couldn't repair it and the customer threatened is with violence and then went and posted negative reviews.

A couple who wanted new parts fitted, we didn't have these and we loaned them a phone for it to be returned damaged and unusable and was a abusive and left a poor review of us.  HTC phone that didn't have signal pre repair and after repair it did and sadly it was damaged again after 3 weeks. Last night another 1 star review was posted about the screen that died after 2 days, Today we find the screen working and working as it should. There was the man who walked into our unit and chose to say we were a business going out of business as no one greeted him. We would of loved to though being a victim of our own success weren't able to as we were on the phone dealing and looking after two other customers.

Complaint Query Concern Cumbria Tech Repairs - We read every review good and bad and change where we can accordingly. We can't change everything, We'd like to, though as in life, not everything can be done.

For every bad review there are 10 people that love what we do, the people who come to us and we don't charge them to get a device working. I've had a screens fail, parts that don't work, parts that have been on order weeks and we are constantly chasing these and trying to source parts that are like hens teeth at times.

Why should you after reading these reviews trust us with your devices. ? Great Question

  • If anyone is unhappy with their device post repair we have up to now refunded them where it was within their cancellation period or guarantee
  • As mentioned we loan phones whilst yours are being repaired
  • In 9.5 times out of ten we have repaired devices to customers satisfaction
  • 80% of our customers have been its us since we started out and keep coming back to us and asking for our  promotional material to share amongst friends and colleagues
  • We are an open and honest family company treating customers how we like to be treat, that said we will not accept abuse and will walk away from heated situations.
  • We have a strict pricing policy, we don't use cheap parts and use quality suppliers who we have used since we started out in business
  • Nothing is too much trouble, we collect and redeliver parts even pretending to be a customers partner to go to Vodafone to swap a nano SIM card for a micro one as she was busy and couldn't get out of work. We, as said earlier have lost 2k this year. We take the rough with the smooth and will swap a screen that is within its 3 month warranty it's the suppliers that won't honour this and we lose out.
  • We fit in with customers timetables how many shops can you go to after a nightshift for a phone repairs?
  • We tell our customers it would be better to go back to their carrier for repairs for new phones  rather than take their money and destroy their warranty. Open and honest remember!

My Top Ten Most Asked Questions Complaint Query Concern Cumbria Tech Repairs

2016 is coming fast we have learned a lot in our first full year of business. We have plans, we have realistic achieveable aims and what I will tell you is we are and will prove this the best phone repair and tablet repair company in Cumbria in 2016

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