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Cumbria Tech Repairs 2016 Our Year In Review

What happened to Cumbria Tech Repairs in 2016

Before the sun sets on New Years Eve for the last time in 2016 and welcome in 2017. What has Cumbria Tech been up to this year?

We repaired more devices than we did in 2014 and 2015 put together and nearly 1000 customers came our way, Some of you with more than one device. We have had requests from you to fix shutters on digital cameras, wheels on child's screen electric scooters, televisions and GHD hair straighteners!

Cumbria Tech Repairs 2016 Our Year In Review

We have started to source direct from the factories in China, we are always but always trying to maintain our pricing structure and have strict policy on what we charge our customers. Post BREXIT in June we found prices started to rise from our U.K. Wholesalers due to the pound fluctuating against the dollar. So,rather than paying more and putting our prices up. We went direct to source and not just paid less but also bought better quality than we have enjoyed in the past.

Many of our customers came to us with non charging devices that after been elsewhere and having batteries fitted or charging docks replaced were still having issues. We posted on our social media pages that by using cheap charging leads these caused issues with blowing circuitry in the device and needed chips replaced. We since then have successfully replaced these chips to give customers working mobiles and tablets once again. We have also enhanced our stock profile to include original charging leads and also tempered glass protection to place on screens to prevent future breakages.

Cumbria Tech Repairs 2016 Our Year In Review

Samsung Note 7 hit the shelves and then disappeared again and has been discontinued by a software update although this wasnt the only issue we had with Samsung. We have had supply issues since the Summer time caused by a shipping scandal in South East Asia. There has been many rumours as to why there are stock outs across all of the Galaxy range which has prevented us from replacing lcd screens and other key components. Though the fact that containers containing these parts were held on ships owned by a company that had gone bust has been the most plausible explanation.

Cumbria Tech Repairs 2016 Our Year In Review

So looking forward into 2017, What are we planning on doing?

We have updated our branding with the help of a very good graphic designer - You hopefully have already seen the break dancing mobile on Social media!

Please look carefully at it and like me you will see it wears its heart on its sleeve!

For the first time ever we will be offering glass only repairs on Samsung devices for those of you that have smashed glass and your screen still works as it should. We have purchased bespoke tooling to allow us remove dents and bumps from your iphones and ipads. We see many of these that have been bent or have corners and sidewalls out of place. Now we will be in the New Year able to remove these where corners have been hit during a drop and able to pull these in to their proper shape.

Today 23rd December is the Day that Cumbria Tech Repair came to be born and is our 2 year Anniversary. So to all our customers that we have seen during these 2 years and the many that will come to see us in the future we would like to wish you a Lovely Christmas and also a very happy New Year.

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