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Cumbria Tech - The BRAND


We recently had a good review from a customer – but it made me angry.

Now you might be wondering (and rightly so) why a good review would make me angry.Let me explain:

Our customer said said: "Walked in and, just like that, my phone was fixed (by Cumbria Tech) - AFTER THE MESS ANOTHER SHOP HAD MADE.Great service and would definitely recommend!!!"

I get annoyed when I hear that other shops make a mess of customers' phones.This situation isn't unique – it happens regularly.I have seen customers complaining the phone was fine until they took it to be fixed and now they can't hear callers.The battery doesn't last or it doesn't charge anymore.The worst one of late was brought in by a lady I used to work with whereby her daughter had taken it to a shop not that far from us as the screen needed replacing on her iPhone 11.They made a hash of the repair and the rear camera didn't work because they had torn flexes on the camera.How annoying to then find they wouldn't honour the fault.

At Cumbria Tech, we've worked hard over the latest eight years to achieve our brand.By that, I don't mean the logo or the company name.For me, our brand is all about competent repairs, customer-focused service and total transparency.

I have fixed an iPhone 8 as again during the screen replacement from the same shop the customer no longer could connect to her network and again the business didn't take ownership of the fault.

We are different.One of the Line of Duty catchphrases we love is: "I didn't float up the Lagan in a bubble" In other words we have the experience to remove parts without breaking the part.So, the customer won't find themselves in the position of a camera or speakers not working or being unable to connect to their network.

That is my branding.The commitment I make to ensure I am competent enough to carry out the repair that I am asked to perform.Conscientious enough to not compromise on the quality of the parts I use to ensure I make more money by using cheap parts.Honest enough to hold my hands up if there was to be a time that I broke a part (and replace this at my cost) and not lie to the customer or walk away from it like others might do.

It took another one of my clients two years to trust repair shops with their phones after she asked a Carlisle repair shop to replace her screen.She went back to at the collection time for them to deny even taking her device off her just an hour earlier!Her husband went and they then admitted there was a problem and they had to send the iPhone away for a board repair.This was originally a working device, but they had damaged the iPhone's logic board removing the screen.I got the iPhone and had to replace the Flexible Printed Circuit connector they damaged.I get so angry when I hear horror stories from customers about being lied to.At Cumbria Tech, we do things differently.

Our commitment to you is that your repair is our line of duty.What does this mean?

Our duty is the following:

  • We have a look at your device and assess the damage
  • We quote you according to the model number
  • We check if the part is in stock – if so, we fix the device if our price is agreed and ask you to pop back in an hour to collect and pay
  • If the part isn't in stock, we order it - which takes 24/48 hours depending on availability.After this, we then fix the device, text you to advise it's fixed and to call back and collect and pay.

That is our brand.Your repair is our line of duty.

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Monday, 27 June 2022

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