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Enjoy Day Life Smartphone Fixes Screens Replaced Carlisle

Enjoy Day Life Smartphone Fixes Screens Replaced Carlisle our day will start early as I'm not the best sleeper in the world, more often than not I'm up and down most nights. Raiding the biscuit tin before I go back and have a cat nap for an hour before starting the day at half 5. I catch the 6.45 bus into town so in that 1.1/4 hours  in between its usually spent catching up on my posts on Facebook and choosing what content I'm going to put out there on Facebook, Twitter Google to engage people. I don't have a marketing budget of Apple so I need to get my brand out there to advertise to my target market.

Enjoy Day Life Smartphone Fixes Screens Replaced Carlisle

As I buy the best quality parts I can to give my customers for the best value for money possible it means that my customers today aren't going be mine next month. Philosophy of Cumbria Tech Repair is we rely on the best form of advertising and that's word of mouth. 

 Enjoy Day Life Smartphone Fixes Screens Replaced Carlisle I'll make it into work around 7, help my early birds before customers start work at 8. And start prepping my work for the day. Removing the screen that's broken, who seen me removing the iPad screen last month on the iPad? Around 8k people have then, and I've put it out again this month as an incase you've missed this - here it is again. to around 9k viewers -  better the second time around?

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Then it's on with the repairs and meeting customers through the day as they're collecting their devices or stopping by with broken ones.

Enjoy Day Life Smartphone Fixes Screens Replaced Carlisle Smartphone Tablet Repairs Carlisle Make Your Appointment

I try to stop for dinner anytime between 1 and 4 sometimes more often than not I don't eat through the day....too busy. I'll miss many calls not that I don't want to talk it's just putting screws back in phones that small I have a system for doing so and I don't want to lose track and put the wrong one in the wrong hole.

Banking and reordering is usually done from 3.30pm so if you visit and I'm not there? Usually hang on in the interaction centre I'll be back soon. I'm not far away.

I'm home at 7.30pm and enjoy something to eat and then I catch up on missed calls and quoting for jobs. that is another Enjoy Day Life Smartphone Fixes Screens Replaced Carlisle
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