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​Battery Life - Its the one thing most of us that use a smartphone or tablet have frustrations with. We charge our devices usually beside the bed and overnight, wake to its alarm the following morning and then check the emails, facebook messages that we have dropped in your inbox overnight. Then by mid afternoon we are looking to drop some more charge in coz that battery has dropped below where it should be and we need just that bit to get home and place it on charge and so it goes on. 

Every updated model brings with it a bigger battery inside a bigger phone and another promise that this one has 2 days battery life and yet we seldom see a change from the model we previously owned. 

Apple were mischevious they try and brainwash into believing their software updates are there to get rid of bugs and engineers are working behind the scenes to increase and squeeze some more juice from our batteries and yet they slowed older devices down and your battery life decreased even quicker than usual. They then apologised and offered new batteries for less than £30 quid and if you look on our website thats exactly for the same sort of money we change batteries for and quicker than it would take them and you dont have to book in a week before to visit some genius behind his bar. 

Can you do anything then to increase your daily life of your phone ? Switching off background apps, use wifi, in low signal areas go into aeroplane mode maybe. The big thing we see when we are replacing screens and batteries is the non use of manufacturer approved usb charging cables. You know the ones - theyre a couple of pounds stacked up on the end of a supermarket aisle. Theyre cheap for a reason and yes they will destroy your battery. Aside from the safety implications of using these mass produced, made in a factory overseas with little or no quality control. The cables break or split easier rendering the cable useless. After ios 7 i believe that the device can detect a non approved lead been used and how much annoying is it to constantly be swiping these pop ups telling you this? Then there are the surges or spikes of electricity that is caused to your device when these are used. What does that mean - The charging chip within your device could be blown and therefore render the device useless. Is a cheap charging lead worth the possible loss of your iphone or ipad ? Even if the charging chip isnt blown these spikes of electricity can cause other damage to your device, Like the processors or lithium ion battery. Have you noticed your screen protruding from the rear panel of the phone or tablet? Another classic sign of non approved charging leads. 

Research conducted by MACWORLD found the following -

"Of course, the biggest reason not to use unofficial Lightning cables is to do with your health and safety. UK-based Chartered Trading Standards Institute did some research into unofficial Lightning cables and the findings were shocking (no pun intended!).

The team tested 400 Lightning cables and of those, only 1 percent (three cables, to be precise) passed basic assessments for safety. One percent.?  "the most common issue with the chargers tested was insufficient insulation to protect users from electric shock" which is an issue that could harm you and potentially start a fire" 

Quite worrying really that aside from premature end of life to your phone or battery that using non approved charging leads could mean a premature end to your life also. 

So - how do we know the difference between a genuine Apple charging USB lead and one of these life threatening ones? 

1. Price. If you have bought one for around 3/5 pounds rather than £25 pounds from the apple store alarm bells should ring

2. Errors when syncing with itunes, Unlike Apple leads that are designed to both data sync with your PC and charge your device cheap leads are only for charging. 

3. The boot of cable - ie the piece that you push into your phone wont have rounded corners wont measure the same as official ones at 7.7x12mm and the contacts on it will probably be rough to touch.

If you are concerned we offer a free battery diagnostic and also will check to make sure that your charging leads are safe to use. 

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