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Half The Population Owns Broken Smartphones

Is this not a scary thought? 66% of us think that walking around and using their phone will not affect the internal workings of your device? Cracks in the screen can lead to other damage caused by much greater chance of water ingress causing water damage, Rusting of internal components can result and permanent failure to their Smartphone

]Half The Population Owns Broken Smartphones When Your Smartphone Has Issues Like This - It May Still Work, For Now!

  • Research shows that 40% of us have a fault with their Mobile

  • The average Brit can only survive 3.4 days without theirs

  • 40% of us couldnt last a day without their mobile

  • 29% have the impression that bags of rice will fix water damage

Despite our attitude and approach to our smartphones it would be a trauma to most of us if our mobile was to suddenly fail. Our perception is that damage wont affect the devices longevity as its still able to make and receive calls, We think that repairs are either too costly (more than £100) or it takes too long to repair at 7/10 days.

To answer these concerns CUMBRIA TECH REPAIR do offer same day repair and the average cost of these is less than what people perceive them to be.

Half The Population Owns Broken Smartphones Charging Docks Replaced Cumbria Tech Repairs

This research carried out by iMend tells us were living on a knife edge and most of us are simply waiting for their contract to end and getting their hands upon the latest device. Although most of these have more than 6 months for their contract to end. Myths around phone repairs are that it will void your manufacturers warranty and although true to a certain degree did you know that warranties are void anyway due to natural wear and tear and accidental damage. found that Brits are subject to some mad misconceptions when it comes to phone repair. 29% of Brits think putting a phone in a bag of rice is a good way to fix water damage, while 6% think leaving a phone on top of a radiator will aid its recovery. Doing this we find water is still present when we do start flood repairs and all heat will do is accelerate the rusting process and can also melt internal components. Cool dry places please and silica gel whilst also holding the phone up vertically to get as much fluid from out the phone. We also find that our clients try charging the device? Water and electricity don't mix and all this does is short circuit the internal components rendering your device useless and a rather expensive smartphone paper weight. To arrange your appointment with us please follow the attached link.  Our current price is attached which is current from November 2017

Top reasons for damaged smartphones
(source: OnePoll research commissioned by
Type of smartphone damagePercentage of Brits with this damage currently
Cracked phone screen21.7%
My battery needs to be replaced as it runs down very quickly16.1%
My phone won’t charge properly9.7%
One or more buttons are broken, but I can still use my phone6.3%
I have problems with the sound6.3%
Research and post was carried out by imend. See their full blog post
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