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Help With Your Manufacturers Warranty

Help With Your Manufacturers Warranty Would You Like To Find Out Your Smartphones Warranty Period

Help With Your Manufacturers Warranty It's one of them questions that we get asked all the time. In our last blog post of 2015 we thought we would answer one of your most asked questions to us this year.

Help With Your Manufacturers Warranty if you have your device unlocked from your current network?

Help With Your Manufacturers Warranty If I drop my phone down the toilet will I be able to claim?

Read on we will tell you what we know

Natural wear and tear isn't covered with your warranty so if you do drop your smartphone and your smartphone screen smashes this will not be covered under your manufacturers warranty and will be responsible for the cost of having it repaired.

However, if your smartphone or tablet develops a fault during the warranty period that is due to the way it was manufactured then you will be able to make your claim under the warranty that you hold.

So how long is the warranty period on your smartphone ?

Apple 12 months

Samsung 24 months

HTC 24 months

Sony 24 months

Nokia 24 months

Help With Your Manufacturers Warranty


Any hardware or software fault due to the way it was manufactured

Faults that occur due to defective components

It does not cover

Faults that occur due to natural wear and tear such as accidental damage like smashed screens or fluid damage

Previous repairs carried out other than by your manufacturers warranty process

Customisation of the main components like phone screen, frame or buttons.

If your device does develop a fault due to hardware or software faults or defective parts then we recommend that you contact the company that you purchased the device from and have your smartphone replaced under your guarantee. Back in November my iPhone 6s at 3 weeks old was switching itself off and powering down when the battery reached 30%. I contacted apple support and made an appointment at their Genius Bar in Newcastle. I was told the problems that had occurred were due to a bad installation of ios9 and they gave me another phone.

Doing this my device is still covered under their 12 month warranty. Of course, if your phone does develop a hardware fault and you choose to have it repaired under your guarantee be aware you could be without your smartphone for a couple of weeks. If you need a same day repair carried out and your smartphone can't be out of your possession we can help you and we provide a quicker solution. Although the repairs will be free with your warranty turnaround time is quite slow and you can typically be without it for 7/10 days.

Our repair benefit is we can do same day repairs and we offer our own 3 month warranty though very often we will honour a defective part and repair your smartphone free outside of our warranty period.

As with the manufacturers warranty we won't however, replace a smashed screen during or after this 3 month period as this will be down to natural wear and tear.

Help With Your Manufacturers Warranty Help With Manufacturers Warranty

If you would like to take advantage of our repair service you can book your device for repairs with us simply by following the attached link REPAIR
Fill in the attached forms on our website and this will generate a repair ticket of which we will respond with a quotation and if you choose to accept, We will arrange a day and time for this to be carried out in our workshops on Paternoster Row's Business Interaction Centre.

Some things to be aware of and is part of our terms and conditions of business:
  • We charge hourly rates for our service and this is included in the costs of repair.
  • whilst we strive to provide an accurate quote for our repairs, we may during the repair process find other parts that are defective and to bring your smartphone back to a working condition need to increase the cost of its repair, In this even we will contact you to seek authorisation to carry on with the repair and until we do no further actions will be taken on your device and the repair will be terminated at that point.
  • We make effort and is our intention to return the device to its original working order though if we cannot do this due to defective parts or software that is beyond our reasonable control clients agree not to hold Cumbria Tech Repair liable for these unforeseen circumstances.

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