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iPad Slow Running Snails Pace Improve Speed

We have had a lot of customers recently how can we speed them up?

Over time and especially on older iPads, Junk files will be stored on your iPads memory and with all the apps and photos and other files your free memory will be not as much as it used to be. Apple have tried to maximise the free storage by making their iOS software take up less space than what it used to.
  • Is your software on the latest version? 
  • Is their a lot of background apps running along in the background?
  • Do you routinely perform a hard reset on your iPad to free your cache ? 
  • Do you have iCloud performing regular back ups of your data ? 
  • Have you looked at your settings>about> then looked at the capacity and then compared how much free memory is available which is below ? 
iPad Slow Running Snails Pace Improve Speed Is your iPad running that show that a garden snail would go faster ?

Some of the above questions we ask is some of the reasons why your iPad (and this works for any iDevice as they are all the same as they run on the iOS software.) may not be as fast as it once was. We are going to look at each of the above in more detail now.

iPad Slow Running Snails Pace Improve Speed

As we have already discussed Apple have realised that their software could take up as much as 4gb of memory. On a 16gb device this then leaves you 12gb of free memory to use for photos, apps and music. To find out exactly where your memory is used? settings>general>ipad storage. Tapping this opens up and will tell you where your memory is being taken and when the last time you used the particular app. Are there any apps in there that' taking up large amounts of memory that you have hardly used? Maybe deleting it would claw back some memory that could be better used elsewhere. If your software is out of date, Then you wont be taking advantage of the technology designed engineers to reduce the size of this software. Settings>general>software update. Tap this and you can update this software to the latest version to enjoy the key benefits that Apple have given you.

While your in these settings have a look for background app refresh. Have a look at all the apps that are constantly refreshing. If you switch them off this could preserve some of your battery life that some of you complain of.

Apps In The Background? Double click your home button will bring up all your recent apps you have been using. Whilst these are still rolling on in the background these will be using some memory. You then open another and over time can slow a device down, Not considerably but in conjunction with others maybe o big reason why your ipad is running at a snails pace. To clear these apps swipe them to clear.

Another part of your regular regime to optimise your memory of your iPad, Do you regularly press the sleep/wake button which can sort a few issues of this out. Slide to power off and power it back up again. Reset the ipad and clear your memory cache, Again hold the sleep wake button in conjunction with the home button. Hold this until the Apple logo appears and disappears again. Cache cleared and one final point if your iPad is off and wont power up. Performing this routine can force the iPad back to life.

For those older iPads that have not got that much free memory and to find out settings>general>about to compare memory capacity to whats now available is there GB available or mb or even nothing at all ?

If your memory is into the MB and not GB its certainly worthwhile following the procedure of a factory reset. This will clear out all the junk you have accumulated since you bought your iPad. If you follow the above you will be able to restore all the music apps and photos you have on your iPad now and wont want to lose. To do this Id recommend firstly backing either your iPad up to iTunes or iCloud.

Firstly make sure your iPad is on the latest version. Tap settings>general>software update

Tap Apple id or iCloud and iCloud back up and please make sure your within a wIFI connection when you do this. Make a note of your apple id and have your password to hand as you will need this to restore your iPad with all the data you have just backed up.

When your iPad has backed up your data to iCloud General>reset>Erase Al Content And Settings

In iOS11 you will be asked if you want to back up and then erase or erase now ? 
Once the iPad has finished and your back at Factory settings, You will be asked to confirm if you would like to set up as a new iPad though unless your selling the device you will want to take the option of signing into your iCloud account and using the back up option that will of just done.

You will find that once all your data has loaded back on the iPad you should have substantially more free memory. This should certainly make a your device a bit faster than what it once was as it wont be clogged with stuff it didnt really need. If of course your not confident in doing this yourself then please pop in and see us and we will be pleased to do this for you by booking in with us by clicking here
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