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Mobile Phone Bills Lets Start Saving Money 2016

With Christmas is nearly upon us and what with the costs associated with the festive season every New Year it takes a couple of pay cheques to get us back up and running. Will 2016 be any different ?

So I thought - Mobile Phone Bills Lets Start Saving Money 2016. A few months ago I blogged about a customer telling us it was cheaper to upgrade than to repair a phone. Simple maths proved her otherwise when we worked out the cost of running another contract alongside the one for the mobile that was broken.

Mobile Phone Bills Lets Start Saving Money 2016. Do we need to upgrade a phone? Yes the fruits of the smart phone world Apple and Blackberry would love us to with their yearly updates and brand new earth shattering and ground-breaking technologies. Live Photos on the new iPhone. Good yes but is it worth an upgrade ?

Last Christmas family were given iPhones for Christmas. The 2013 iPhone 5s and 2011 iPhone 4s. By the way all still running on the latest ios 9 software!! One was coming to the end of a contract 2 months after christmas and was able to renegotiate her contract with her service provider. Paying around 10 pounds per month for unlimited use and 6gb of data. You can't tell the networks what you would like to pay when you're getting a new phone and contract can you?

There are some great deals knocking about you know for 2nd hand phones out there when you look, There are the people who need the latest and greatest mobile and they offload last years so deals to be had if you fancy a newish phone on sim only plans.

Why don't you get in touch if you like to price quality looking phone for you with guarantees available?

Just on the 6gb data plan? When you are out and about you may not realise that some of your apps are running in the background and therefore eating data - Save money by turning your mobile networks off when you don't need it. Someone I knows son ran up £180 pound bill just because he went over the limit and he didn't even use the data when out and about.

Post end of contract Ask yourself if you really do need a new phone? I can replace failing batteries and charge ports and even give it cosmetic makeover and replace those tatty battery covers and outer parts for less money than you think. New phone basically that you wont have to change all your numbers of friends to your new phone and take you ages to get used to it as it will be the one you love that looks new again. Plus it'll be sim only deal putting you on the front foot with your network provider and able to barter with them.

Mobile Phone Bills Lets Start Saving Money 2016 Is this the New Mid Range iPhone ?

Though if you do fancy a new phone there are still some great deals to be had if you look about the networks are still keen for your business and will give you freebies if you ask, Also top tip - have a look at the price comparison sites for your favoured phone and data allowance. I've posted a few of my favoured ones below -

Other ways to save some pennies ?
  1. Your on a contract phone deal yet your usage don't justify a contract phone you maybe better off on a PAYG or vice versa ?
  2. Have you given thought that if did need a repair on the phone, ask around and find what quality parts you're getting for your money, Screens especially cheap glass has been used more and more which break more easily
  3. Use protection! Safety first and buy protection glass and cases
  4. Any mobile repair shop worth their salt will throw the above in any way when they repair your phone
  5. Recycle your old phones ? As discussed earlier there's always someone who needs a phone - How much have you got lying around in a drawer? And if you have any broken and lying around id be delighted to give you some money for them for spares or quote you for repair to sell on for a profit.

Just some ideas on mobile phone bills lets start saving money 2016 for you maybe your already doing them ? If not I hope I've given you food for thought?

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