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Mobile Upgrades Worth Money Repairs Carlisle

Mobile Upgrades Worth Money Repairs Carlisle Mobile Phone Bills Lets Start Saving Money 2016 

Mobile Upgrades Worth Money Versus Repairs in Carlisle

Mobile Upgrades Worth Money Versus Repairs Carlisle.The Tech rumour mill is predicting the release of iPhone 6c. With the discounts to be had on iPhone 5s for around £30 There will be the clamour to get hold of the latest phone and other manufacturers will no doubt then release theirs. Preinstalled with ios9 and the queues will form outside all the Apple Stores to be the first with the latest device.



Mobile Upgrades Worth Money Repairs Carlisle lets start saving money

Question begs why? Mobile Upgrades Worth Money Versus Repairs Carlisle The networks last year charged around 40 quid on a 2 year contract for the iPhone 6 - 50 if you went for 6+.

Surrey University I read today reckon there's around 85m of these older phones lying around the house stuck in drawers with around an estimated 4 tonnes of gold within them and the majority of them will go to landfill.The waste and the Eco bit aside, The 2011 iPhone 4s is still running on ios8 ok hasn't got the bells and whistles and touch button technology of its next gen iphone 5 but those of them I've repaired are still great little phones.Me? I had a iPhone 4s until recently and until it died of death as the board inside it just give up the ghost as I still hammered it day to day. Cost after the contract expired at £35 pounds a month ran at around a tenner sim only deal. For unlimited calls and text and 5gb of data.

Mobile Upgrades Worth Money Versus Repairs Carlisle

I had to upgrade  - I plumped for the apple 6s. Choice based on cost rather than anything else. If more people did this would Apple have the annual turnover of a 2nd world country and would the networks be forced to bring some of these contract prices down. Plus the fact I could do what I'm best at and renew parts on the these older phones creating wealth in the economy and these billions made by Apple be more evenly spread amongst everyone. Plus before I go? Would 4 tonnes of our worlds resources go to landfill and would they be recycled in the proper manner
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