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My Shameful Secret - Can I Be Forgiven


Can you remember the confession that were part of Radio One DJ Simon Mayo show? I have something that I used to do in the teenage years that was probably illegal and contravened copyright law. Though hey! I had 10 packs of cigarettes and 20/20 to buy and discos to pay for. Here it goes. This has haunted me for 30 odd years. Here goes with my shameful secret and hope that by confessing I can be forgiven.

My love of gaming and started in the min 1970s and by the start of the 1980s computer gaming had become the thing most teenage lads used to do to occupy their time and do with friends. Now we download a game back then we used tape cassette to store games on. As you can imagine the cost of these games were expensive as they are now and with just 50p a week pocket money or most one pound these games were out of reach for not only me but most of my friends.

The entrepreneur within me had a double-deck tape recorder where I could play the game on one and record on a blank tape on the other. Confession time here. I used to go to boots the chemist, Buy a game and copy it then sell the copied games at school. Infringing copyrights and conning the shop in the process. I say conning the shop as I would return the game for a refund as it was my birthday and someone had bought me the same one. Naughty I know!!

Two pounds a game at school and quids in and earning my pocket money for my Friday nights at the youth club for my breakdancing and my 10 packs of John Player Special.

Boots the chemist got wise, Sales soared on 10 packs of TDK blank cassettes and declined on computer games that they started to ask for receipts and proof of sale started been asked of the second game. Undeterred from my illegitimate way of making money. I started asking around mates if they had such and such a game to prove my claim that someone had bought me the second game. Slowly it got harder and I had to then find other sources to make money.

I can't remember what I did next though something else may have come along. Parents probably found out and encouraged me to find a paper round and make a legal way of earning money. I remember getting one just before Christmas as I was told of the tips. I do remember getting sick one Sunday morning and dumping all the Sunday Times bibles behind a ditch and running back home as I was soaking wet and my shoulders ached under the sheer weight of them all. Then the knock of a disgruntled Newsagent at 9 that morning at the door and getting the sack stopped me in the tracks.

Can I be forgiven after all this time? Have you committed a sin that you would like to be forgiven for? 

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Monday, 27 June 2022

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