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Samsung Repairs

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Phone repair of the week at Cumbria Tech - Let me tell you our story about the non-working device that is the Samsung J530.

We were this week brought a Samsung Smartphone that had been submerged in water. Unfortunately, the phone screen wasn't working and the inside of the device had suffered from rust. We needed to scratch our head for a while and using our diagnostic procedures to find out why the phone wouldn't switch on. 

Pat, who the device belonged to, had family photographs and other precious memories stored on the phone that she wanted to retrieve. So we commenced by replacing the screen and I backslapped myself when the screen lit up with the Samsung logo but still the phone still wouldn't switch on. We started to clean the phone and removed the rust and found that a key part had been totalled due to the rust damage. We then soldered a new part into place and after building the phone back up! The phone was switched on. It booted up. Then we just had to do a lap of honour around the workshop here in Carlisle as we had fixed the phone. The ladies data was intact as were all the precious memories that she wanted to be saved. If you have damaged damage as you have dropped your Samsung on concrete or in water pop in and see us as we are that phone repair workshop near you. We stock Samsung A series parts that are completed within an hour on a same-day basis. We also help you with non-charging and battery issues. All other Samsung devices such the premium S range we order parts on a next day basis and we can order these ahead of your arrival to reduce the time the phone is out of your hand. Your repair is our line of duty. See our 5 star reviews on our Google page at

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Monday, 27 June 2022

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