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Telephone Inventors Mobile Phone Smartphone Carlisle

Telephone Inventors Mobile Phone Smartphone Carlisle

Alexander Graham Bell Inventor Of The Telephone

Telephone Inventors Mobile Phone Smartphone Carlisle Where would we be now without Alexander Graham Bell and his What This Power Is I Cannot Say All I Know Is That It Exists pioneering work in turning electricity into speech or is it speech into electricity? Born in Edinburgh in 1847, Bell had long been fascinated with the mechanics of speech and in 1875 had developed a simple receiver that turned electricity into sound. Others were working on similar ideas although he was granted a patent for the telephone in March 1876 and it developed quickly. Within a year the first telephone exchange had been built-in Connecticut and the Bell Telephone Company was then founded in 1877.

Alexander Graham Bell said, “What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.”  Are you concentrating?  Are you focusing all of your power on the work at hand?  You’ll never know your potential if you don’t focus your power.Give me a Bell would page homage to this great pioneer whenever were asking someone to give me a call.

When you think now of mobile communications and what his work has evolved into in the ensuing 100 or more years and What this power is I couldn't say; All I know that it exists makes Alexander Graham Bell one of the most powerful men of the 19th and 20th Centuries in my mind.

The fact that his work in turning electricity into sound and giving us the power to talk to anyone across the world and made the world a smaller place and made it easier for future scientists to develop his early pioneering much more easier. To now think that we can communicate via email,Skype and other media using telephone lines has made the world a better place.

Can you imagine life without a telephone? The first sentence of this should be a motto for everyone in their work and play. Too many people now expect things to be given to them on a plate, The work ethic for a lot of people has gone and although we want the jam now and the lifestyle that comes with the money the determination for humans to realise their potential in focusing their mind to make themselves better isn't there. I love music I love listening to new music though when you look at the charts nowadays there's music that isn't original. Samples of melodies already created is reworked and pumped out again. I read an article sometime ago that said if the 2nd world war was to happen tomorrow it's probably a war that we would lose because we as a nation have had it too easy and the fight within has gone. I don't know if that's true there's a lot of people working really hard to make themselves better people and create a better world for themselves. Although I've been around workplaces and you can see sometimes others sitting back with an attitude someone else will do it. Had Alexander Graham Bell had that attitude of mind? Would we have had a telephone and the quality of life that it has given us all ?

There are other inventions that have come since then of course. The guy who created the computer and the founder of IBM I wrote about him some time ago. Though when was the last time you picked up a device that was truly ground breaking in its own right?

iPod's maybe? Apples first iPhone?

Yes they've evolved, each new year brings little add ons and features though with all the technology there is it's disappointing for me that nothing is ahead of its time and totally new.

New inventions that come out are just putting other creations together to make something new. Sky boxes with hard discs and telephone lines. Mobile phones with cameras and other bits of kit. Back to the future 2 predicted life in 2015 hover-boards and flying cars, be nice if we still had some pioneers around that would carry on bells work and his ethos!! Thoughts?
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