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The Failures Of Smartphone Tablet Repair Carlisle

The Failures The Repair Guy Carlisle What are the failures of a smartphone repair company in Carlisle

The Failures Of Smartphone Tablet Repair Carlisle? There are times in life when no matter how hard we try some things just don’t pan out the way you expect them to or more important want them them to. Like any other job I’ve done, there are some days where you wish you had just stayed in bed. The best tennis or golf players will have a bad day at the office and get beat.
When I have been given what people call their life and expect me to restore a smartphone to its former glory it can’t drive you crazy that there are just sometimes when the revival of it just doesn’t happen.
It hurts, it drives you insane that because a smartphone has had electricity through afters it’s had a swim, nothing I can do will make it work again as the phones printed circuit or logic board has been short circuited. Last week I’d been reviewed on Social Media. We had been given one of these phones that had been submerged in water.

We had established on check in August 2016 that the phone had been charged because we were advised by customers that it wouldn’t charge. Alarm bells rang, water submersion and the phone has been on charge. So now the phone is short circuited or had chips damaged with electricity. We tried to do our best took the phone apart and carried out some chip replacement and sadly it didn’t work out the way we wanted it to after 4 months of trying due to a lack of spares in the marketplace. Customer advised, they advised they’d replaced the phone and we moved on. Months went by, phone was still awaiting collection. No signs of the customers so we disposed of the phone after 4 months. Big mistake! Read this review in full on our social media pages and I’d be delighted to hear your feedback on it on our Facebook page now you know the story in full and heard my side.

It can't be our October, we repaired an iPad and due to a poor quality spare Mr iPad blew a chip. What do we do to maintain customer satisfaction in this instance? We are repairing the iPad and if we can’t we will replace the unit and work with our suppliers to reimburse our client. Why should they lose out.

There are reasons for failing sometimes we fail because we try to do the impossible and do our best for the customer and do sometimes what can’t be done. Though the only people who fail are the ones that try and put themselves up for criticism when you can’t.

So The Failures Of Smartphone Tablet Repair Carlisle I believe isn't a bad thing - I like to think that although I've failed, next time I wont, as The Failures Of A Repair Guy In Carlisle will make me better at it next time. After all Edison didn't fail 99 times, discovered on the 100th successful attempt 99 ways it didn't work.
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