Hallowe'en is just around the corner but please dont be tricked into a cheap phone repair. 

How would you feel ? You just paid for a screen fix and then find the screen dosent work like it should, The display isnt as bright as it once used to be or its not as responsive and there are dead spots on the screen where no amount of swiping or pressing to open an app will work. Even worse on taking the device back to the repair shop you find out there is no warranty on the screen and maybe expected to just buy another. 

This is why at Cumbria Tech we offer a quality part, Yes we are maybe more expensive than what you have been quoted elsewhere, Though that should reassure you that we are using the best parts that will stand the test of time and give you what you have been used to before your phone was damaged. We dont want to have comebacks with our repairs. A cheap part will come back and haunt us both in lost time and bad feedback from our clients. Out of 100s of repairs we do we have a return rate of less than 2% which is fantastic. 

We arent as expensive as you may think either - Our LCD screen replacement prices start at just £30 for iPhone 5 and just £70 for iPhone 7 range. Please note that Samsung devices because they are fitted with in many cases a AMOLED screen can be significantly higher than this though please do call us as we are working hard to bring these prices down to affordable levels for you. 

Dont be tricked into a cheap phone repair in Carlisle Cumbria