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Useful Hints Tips About Smartphones Tablets From Cumbria Tech

)ver the last few weeks we have been posting handy hints and tips to keep your smartphone and tablet in either good working order. Other Useful hints of things to try when it stops working as it should. What damage do cheap charging cables actually do? How to restore the touch response on your iphone or ipad after ios10. What to do after your device is submerged in water or other fluids.


We thought it would be a great idea to put all of these together from over the last few weeks for you all to read incase you may of missed any of these Useful Hints Tips About Smartphones Tablets From Cumbria Tech.

Useful Hints Tips About Smartphones Tablets From Cumbria Tech Home button Issue after the #ios10 update

After the #ios10 update and like me frustrated that Apple have changed the way you open the iPhone by having to press the home button. You can change it back.
Settings>general>accessibility>home button and switch the rest finger to open

We also suggested ways that you can easily share your iphone photographs with family and friends

Did you know you can with #iPhones share your snaps with your friends just by iCloud photo sharing? Never miss a photo on your #holidays any of you want to do it and not sure how. Come in and see us we'll be delighted to show you!

We see a lot of customers coming to us when their iphones and ipads become unresponsive or they just wont light up. We suggested just by pressing home and the power buttons and keeping them there until you see the apple logo and then letting it go off again will usually sort these issues.

Useful Hints Tips About Smartphones Tablets From Cumbria Tech Would you like your smartphone fixed after been dropped in fluid

We get asked all the time and something we keep posting about is what to do if your device is dropped in water, We suggest always power it down and never ever charge this. Even after a couple of days water will be still in the device and rice is a misconception that never solves water issues. Please contact us when this happens about our fluid submersion repair services.

We have also advised customers that cheap charging leads damage your smartphone and tablet batteries. What they can do is let too much current into your device, Swell that battery and then your screen starts protruding. They also prematurely end the life of your battery. So you may think you are saving money by purchasing a non manufacturer usb charging cable. Though when its damaging your device it will cost you more money in the long run in repairs. This image of an iPad battery shows the damage these leads do. You can see for yourself what has happened to this battery by it blowing up like a balloon. Both the LCD screen and the top panel was protruding outwards from the device and the costs of repairing this meant this iPad sadly ended up in the bin!

Useful Hints Tips About Smartphones Tablets From Cumbria Tech Can you see the damage that cheap charging leads cause to your device
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