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Weekly Hints With Repair Guy Carlisle Cumbria

Starting today we thought it would be useful to give you all some help with things to do yourself when your smart devices stop working.

There is a lot of customers that come to us for repairs and we look at them and press some buttons tweek some software and 5 minutes later return to them a working iPad and Smartphone.

So every #tremendousthursday we are going to share with you our secrets behind what to do when your device has the black screen and becomes non responsive. Charge it with the power lead and nothing happens. Press the power button and nothing happens.

Oh noooooo first thoughts are it hasn't been dropped what can be wrong.

Weekly Hints Repair Guy Carlisle Cumbria Weekly Hints Repair Guy Carlisle Cumbria

What can happen to your smartphone is that with opening lots of apps the memory becomes so clogged hat it needs cleared and to do this we need to do a hard reset.

This is carried out by holding the power button and home button at the same time.

Weekly Hints Repair Guy Carlisle Cumbria - this is the first thing we do and 99 times of 100 this will work if you keep your fingers on the device until you see a boot up and this is shown in the pic above. Keep your fingers in place until the logo on your #iphone or #ipad goes off. Then start the power on processes as normal.

Weekly Hints Repair Guy Carlisle Cumbria We have had 3 of these in the last few days where a kubot phone had lost its signal and an iPad 2nd generation tablet had stopped working despite being tried to power it back on through charging it etc.

Carrying out this process we were able to get things going again and thought it be useful to show you how to do this for yourself.

Next few weeks we will show you other things like a full restore and lots more exciting things that we carry out.
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