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Your Repair Cost Is More Than My Upgrade



This headline is the number one core objection to using our services - 

I agree with you When the cost of screen replacement is only £108 for iPhone 11 and your upgrade cost £114 quid for a super all shiny new iPhone 13 why wouldnt you just upgrade ? 

Well? - Heres a few reasons: - The last time I enquired on delivery of a super new shiny iPhone 13 3 weeks ago, the delivery of the iPhone was 4 weeks as Apple didnt have the one I wanted "In Stock" 

Phone contracts have changed - Your network provider now loans you the phone over the course of your 1, 2 even 3 year contract and as its a loan?. You need to discuss in-store your incomings and outgoings. Do you really want to lay out all your personal finances in a shop where others could listen in ? 

Demonstrating you can AFFORD to pay for this leasing cost. I didn't I was outta there quite fast.

Like you, the lady that said this yesterday her iPhone screen was damaged where she wouldnt of being able to transfer all her much needed data to the new one. 

She hadnt a recent back up of her iPhone (Does anyone use iCloud) ? 

Apart from a new a13 super bionic to a15 processor, a change of colour there isnt that much difference between iPhone 11 to iPhone 13 apart from your new monthly premium. 

Whats the cost now compared to a SIM free deal once that contract on the iPhone 11 has expired in a couple of months? 

Why would you want to UPGRADE ? 

I'm £6 pound cheaper than upgrading. You wont be without your iPhone for 4 weeks

All your precious data that is your life wont be lost forever. 

I dont ask for proof you can afford £108 by showing me how much you earn, What your monthly mortgage is and how much pocket money you give your kids. 

Your saving the enviroment and another iPhone 11 going to landfill. 

Your iPhone 11 will become cheaper to run in a couple of months with a SIM FREE contract, Imagine that? Less than a tenner a month. 

This bits free, I will show you how not to lose all your precious memories for just 79p per month.

If you like my idea of saving you the cost of a new phone without that hassle and having a working phone in just one hour book in with us

We offer a collect + delivery service


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Monday, 27 June 2022

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