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Cumbria Tech Repair

Mobile Phone Tablet and Repair Services in Carlisle

Mobile Device Repairs in Carlisle

We are a Smartphone and Tablet Repair Service based in Carlisle. We offer same day repair service for broken and none responsive screens for your Apple, Samsung phones and tablets. Also other smartphones made by Sony Microsoft and Nokia.

If you need your mobile or tablet repaired in Carlisle, see what we can do for you - our list of services is below:

  • LCD Screen Replacement
  • Water Or Liquid Damage Repair
  • Charging Issue and Battery Replacement
  • Microphone and Earpiece Fixes
  • IC Chip Replacement
  • Laptop and PC Repair
Affordable Mobile Phone and Tablet Repairs in Carlisle

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Carlisle Mobile Phone and Tablet Repair Company

Smartphone & Tablet Repairs in Carlisle

Our services listed above are just some of what we do, In fact every day we find new things that our customers bring us to fix in Carlisle.

iPhone 7 suffer from Audio IC failure we are seeing a lot of these where you cant hear callers or they cant hear you, Siri wont work etc. Through our excellent diagnostic service that we work with. 
We are finding more and more of our clients coming to us when they have been elsewhere and had battery or charging docks replaced to find these fixes dont solve the issue. We are replacing other key components and have fantastic success and ticking these boxes to get get these faulty phones working again.

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If you have a phone or tablet that isnt working as it should why dont you call us on 01228 597486 during office hours if you need assistance. Whether you are a private individual or a business, College or any other learning facility we would be delighted to hear.

27 Fisher St, Carlisle, CA3 8RF

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  • Phone: 01228 597486
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