iPad and Tablet Repair Services Carlisle Cumbria

Cumbria Tech Repair are a iPad repair service based in Carlisle Cumbria.  Find out below the most common questions:

  • How do I get my iPad repaired?
  • How much will this cost?
  • How long will this repair take?

We fix all generations of your iPad and now with one year warranty.

Before we answer your queries the first thing we need to find out is does your Apple tablet need a repair in the first place? Some of the tablets that have been brought to us in the past have only needed a couple of buttons pressed to get them going again. It would be useful to call our helpful friendly support line to go through a few simple diagnostics to find this out.

Affordable iPad Repairs and Replacement Screens in Carlisle

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How much will it cost?

So we have gone through your diagnostics and found your iPad does need a repair. The usual, most common repair we carry out are to them iPads that have been dropped, which have smashed glass. There are a range of standard sized 9.7" iPad 2nd 3rd 4th generation, Air and Air 2 and the latest iPad Pro models.

Pre iPad Air 2: Apple designed these without bonding the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) so the LCD is the display unit on your iPad to the touch glass. The LCD is the most expensive component of your screen. So you will see a replacement screen repair cost reflected in the prices on our price list which is located on the menu. The models preceeding the Air 2 all we need to do is replace the touch glass only not the actual separate LCD unless your LCD has been damaged and you will see either black blotches or stripy coloured lines if this is the case. We would quote you seperately for this. 

Because every repair is slightly different, we are unable to provide exact prices online, so why not get in touch for more information.