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iPad and Tablet Repair Services in Carlisle, Cumbria

We fix all generations of iPad and leave you with a working device and a year-long warranty. 

Something wrong with your iPad?  Call our friendly support line to go through some simple diagnostics.  In the past, some tablets only required pressing a few buttons to get them working – so save yourself time by calling 01228 597486 to find out if your device needs to come in to the workshop.

Affordable iPad Repairs and Replacement Screens in Carlisle

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How much will iPad repair cost?

Once we’ve gone through the diagnostics and found your iPad does need repaired, how much will it cost you?

Our most common repairs are to fix smashed glass on dropped iPads.  There are a range of started 9.7” 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads, as well as the Air, Air 2 and latest iPad Pro models.  Pre-iPad Air 2 models were designed without bonding the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or display unit to the touch glass.  This results in an extra replacement screen repair cost for these models. 

Good news: if you’ve got an Air 2 or younger device, though!  Unless your LCD has been damaged, we only need to repair the touch glass on these models.  If your LCD has been damaged, you’ll see tell-tale black blotches or stripy coloured lines and we’ll give you a bespoke quote for repair. 

More good news: we offer a 10% discount if you book using our online booking page.  We treat every repair job as unique, so get in touch for an individual quote designed around your needs.