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Water & Fluid Damage Repairs in Carlisle

Water damage repairs in Carlisle for Phones & Tablets

Water Damage & Fluid Repairs Smartphone & Tablets in Carlisle

Fixing water damaged devices is the second most common repair at the Cumbria Tech Repair Centre in Carlisle. In fact, research by indicates that 1 in 5 people in the UK have reported a problem with their device as a result of liquid damage. Damage is not just caused by water, it can also be a result of exposing a mobile phone or device to fizzy drinks, tea, coffee, perfume, moisturiser, oils and sea water.

In simple terms when liquid gets into a smartphone or tablet it causes corrosion & oxidation, resistance begins to drop, components break down and the solder joints will suffer as the corrosion spreads. The corrosion causes cracks and pits where the current of electricity used to flow freely. Once these form it can then cause the device to short out and effectively destroy the motherboard. The smallest amount of liquid can reap havoc as just one drop can seep into the most difficult places and begin to cause serious damage.

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Water and fluid damage mobile phone repairs in Carlisle

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Water Damaged Mobile Phone and Tablet Repairs in Carlisle

How to help reduce water and fluid damage

It’s a fact that liquid damage caused by fizzy drinks and salt water are amongst the worst because the salt/carbonation in the liquid causes the corrosion process in your device to accelerate at a rate of knots, but any water or fluid inside your phone or tablet can cause problems quickly.

  1. DO NOT TURN ON & DO NOT CHARGE. This is critical. Any attempt to switch your iPhone on before it is completely dried out can increase the damage or worse completely short circuit the phone so it is beyond repair. If your iPhone is already plugged in, turn the charger off at the wall immediately and remove the charger very carefully.

To reduce the chances of issues whilst you get your device to us for repairs, follow these steps:


Next, dry your phone off using a tea towel, hold it vertically to try and get as much water out of jacks and ports as possible.

Then use a soft cloth to towel dry it as much as possible. If you're going to put it anywhere choose a cool dry place, not on a radiator or in the airing cupboard. The heat will accelerate the rusting process and ruin solder pads inside your phone which destroys any chance we have of reviving your device.

If possible we also recommend that you put your device in a shoebox with silica gel. Silica gel sachets can be found in old shoe boxes. This isn’t essential, but if you do happen to have any of these silica gel sachets to hand it just helps the drying process. The gel is a desiccant, which absorbs moisture.

Repairing water damaged mobile phones and tablets

No laughing matter, though we have repaired phones that have gone down toilets, through the washing machine, baths, sinks and even in a potty. Anywhere you can think of we have had it. With our experience of these mishaps we are about to share with you what to do to give your device the best chance of it working.

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We can also postal repair liquid and fluid damaged mobiles and tablets - call or email for further details.

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