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Samsung Repairs in Carlisle

Samsung Tablet and Phone Screen Repairs

Samsung Mobile Phone Screen Repairs in Carlisle

We get lots of requests to fix or replace damaged glass on Samsung Smartphones. We always ask you if the phone is still working?

As a Samsung user myself and one that has cracked just the touch glass I know how annoying this is. Not just because having cracked glass spoils the viewing experience but knowing that you can't just remove the cracked glass and pop a replacement glass screen in its place.

The way these Samsung screens are constructed and designed is that the touch glass is bonded to what's called the digitiser which reacts to your fingers on the screen, so it's virtually impossible to remove one without damaging the other.

Underneath the touch glass and the digitiser is the LCD screen. As you may be aware, these screens use OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology. Unlike iPhone, Samsung OLED does not have a backlight lit LCD. OLED therefore offers brighter screens, better colours and thinner displays.

The disadvantage to this is they do cost more than a back-lit LCD screen but have lower power consumption and faster refresh rates.

Samsung mobile phone screen repairs in Carlisle

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Mobile Phone Screen Replacements in Carlisle

Symptoms of mobile phone damaged screens

We are seeing lots of you coming with damaged LCD screens and you will know when they are broken, the display will either have lots of stripy colours or be totally black, though you will still hear the phone. Sometimes your Galaxy will look like it has a little bit of black paint on the screen which over time can spread. This is because your LCD has bled due to it being dropped or receiving some other accidental damage.

I will gladly replace the full LCD and touch glass for you when you have just damaged glass but this sometimes can put you off due to the costs of it and to see latest prices on these click here . If you would like to book your repair online today then click here.

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