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Frequently Asked Questions

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frequently asked questions

In our frequently asked questions page we answer some of the most asked questions to us. In this guide we try and answer these queries that you ask us. If yours isn't here please call us, email or text us as the only stupid question is the one you don't ask us!

My phone screen is cracked, will you perform a glass only repair?

Most smartphone glass screens are bonded to the LCD screen. It is a very difficult process to actually remove the  glass screen without damaging the LCD screen. Although it can be done, the process needs a dust free, laboratory enviroment and specialist machinery. As Cumbria Tech Repair offer a 1 hour turnaround for screen replacement we prefer to change these with new screens as its both faster, more cost effective and we can guarantee your phone will work post repair.

My device has become submerged in water, do I place the phone in a bag of rice?
Can you replace my phone screen if the back panel is misshapen or bent?
Will you remove my photographs and data during my repair?
Will touch response still work after my screen replacement?
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